Sunday, December 1, 2013

Definition of a Mission: Constant Change

Hola to the best family in the world! How is everyone doing? As always I can't wait to read your emails later today. I don't have time to read your emails so I print them off and read them before I go to bed! And before I forget....HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I will be eating who knows what. Have so much fun! I will be thinking of all of you eating good food!

So I was going to save this for the end of my email but I am freaking out so I am going to tell you now. Today is cambios which is where we learn who is getting changed. Just when Hermana Jess gets used to things and is starting to adjust, God decides nope she needs to keep growing. So Hermana Jess leaves for her new area tomorrow morning. AH! Biggest shock ever to hear because I wasn't planning or even thinking of getting changed. I am going to Managua! I am assigned to the area of Primavera 2. What makes this even crazier is Hna Mendez is coming with me and we are opening up this new area. UM WHAT?! No, I have only been in the mission field for 6 weeks and I am opening up a new area. It is so strange that my comp and I are going together and "whitewashing" but in the long run it is good because we know each other and know how to work together and such. When I found out I just started crying. I love Leon and now have to leave. I am leaving Hna Behan and Hawkins too which just breaks my heart because they are literally like my sisters here. But I am excited too! God knows I can do this which brings me peace and strength. There is someone who needs me in Managua so I will be obedient to the call of the Lord and "go where he wants me to go." So that is the craziest of today! It doesn't even feel real. So we leave tomorrow morning so I have to pack and go to all of our investigators and members' houses to say goodbye. Noooo, I love them but promise me we can come back to Leon so I can introduce them to you! Here I come Managua! 

I finally meet Wilsynn!
On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I was in Managua for meetings. I got to see Hermana Rogers again which always makes me so happy! And I FINALLY got to see Wilsynn!! AHHH it was sooo good to see her! We definitely attacked each other when we saw each other. It was so fun to talk to each other and share our experiences. Ah I love her. I love all of the hermanas in my mission! So it was really fun to go and see everyone and now I will be returning to Managua! Ah crazy.

One of my favorite lessons this week was with our investigators. We taught them about the Savior's love, the Book of Mormon, and then answered questions they had. When we were testifying of the Savior's love and the BOM, the spirit was SO strong like my heart was on fire. The Husband then says "My heart is really warm." I freaked out and jabbed my comp in the side with my elbow. We explained the role of the Holy Ghost and the feelings we receive from him. I knew he felt the spirit. Now it is his responsibility to act on those feelings. I hope they get baptized!
Drink served in bag.

One of my absolute favorite things of Nicaragua during this time of year is "the star." Amidst all of the stars, there is this one star that shines so bright and is always constant; it never changes and is always in the exact same place each night. Apparently this star is only here during the months of November and December which is so cool because a bright star appeared in the Americas when Christ was born. I am in the Americas during the time Christ was born! So cool. This star symbolizes so much for me. It reminds me of the birth of our Savior and all he has done for me. The star reminds me to "look up" during difficult times and rely on the constant companionship of Christ.

In addition to teaching the Gospel, I am teaching English as well! Well I guess no mas aqui en Coyolar. I taught an English class with Hermana Hawkins and we were going to teach every Saturday together. In the class only four people came but I think it will be a great way to find investigators and hopefully baptize people. We taught the alphabet and how to say a prayer in English. It was really fun teaching English! It made me feel like I knew something haha because my Spanish is far from perfect. 

I never guessed how much running I would do here in Nicaragua! This week we have run from so many men haha. One of the times we were trying to contact a referral when this one baurracho kept on following us. We would walk one way and he would follow us. So once we turned the corner of a street, we just broke into a full-on sprint! Luckily, we lost him and weren't followed by anyone else for the rest of the day. My comp and I were laughing so hard when we were running! Everyday is an adventure here in the mission field. 

This week I was reminded that faith is a power. When we have faith, "and hope for things," all things are possible with our Father in Heaven. Today four of our investigators came to church in addition to two menos activos familias. This is a miracle! We have struggled so much getting investigators to church which usually we end up dropping them because you can't progress in the Gospel without coming to church. My leaders have been telling us to have a lot of faith. I am going to be honest my faith has been lacking. I was so used to not having our investigators come to church that I just kinda gave up hope. I was reading Ether 12 that morning and was impressed by the phrase, "by faith." This statement was repeated multiple times throughout the chapter. By faith miracles happen. As we were inviting our investigators to church that morning, I remembered the scripture in Alma which states, "exercise a particle of faith, yea, even if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you." I offered a prayer to Heavenly Father in that moment asking him, through my desire for my investigators to come to church, that our investigators would also have a desire to come to church. My heart was so full of joy and gratitude when I walked in the chapel and saw our investigators. This experience was a reminder to me that when we turn to our Father in Heaven for help, he will help us. Faith is a power in a real sense and when we have faith, miracles can be brought to pass.

Well, wish me luck during transfers! Ah I am so nervous but with Christ I can do anything. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful thanksgiving! I am so THANKFUL for all of your amazing people in my life! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Jess

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