Sunday, September 15, 2013

I made it!!!!

I made it safely to Mexico with all of my luggage! Woohoo! Oh my goodness this day feels like a year. I went to my terminal and there were TONS of missionaries. I joined three other sisters. There were like 20 elders there too. Sister Hall, who was the girl this morning in front of us at check in, and Sister Scott, and Sister Dawn were all on the same flight. Hermana Hall and I just clicked! haha its like we are already best friends. Don't even really know her but she is the sweetest girl and we just get along great so that is good! We met up with more missionaries at the Arizona airport and then hopped on our way to Mexico. Okay Mexico is crazy! It was raining when I got here. It is so pretty here. I love the colors, they are so fun! It still doesn't feel real that I am not coming home for 18 months, I cant really think about it or I get emoitonal so moving on....THANK YOU ALL For your sweet letter! I loved them so so much! I met Cara, Natalee, and Whitney who are all in my mission! They are all so sweet! Cara told me that my companion is Whitney Rogers. She seems like a sweet girl. Oh, and everyone speaks spanish here. Well obvi cause it is Mexico but I feel so dumb. I just nod and smile. Whatever it will come! I already had an embarrasing moment with my insane luggage. DAD you are right. I should have only taken 2 suitcases. I literally cannot walk with all my luggage. Anyways, I hopped on this ramp, which was moving, didn't know that, almost fell over, my luggage is pulling me back, everyone is laughing at me but its okay! hahaha it was funny. Okay well I am starving so i am going to go eat but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I couldn't do this without all of your love and support. GUYS I am a missionary! This is crazy! Okay much love! Keep smiling!
Con MUCHO amor,
Hermana Howell

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