Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mexicans know how to party!!

Hola Familia!!
Como esta? It is soo weird to think that this is my third week here at the CCM. I cant tell if it has gone by fast or slow haha. Thanks for all the wonderful emails! I love hearing what everyone is doing at home! Sorry I don't have enough time to individually email everyone back but hearing what is going on in the real world helps keep me sane! haha the other day my district and I were saying how we don't know what is happening in the world and one of the elders said the US attacked Syria. Well we all believed him and were freaking out! haha but that actually didn't happen so its all good. 
So mom, you were asking what my typical day is like here so here it is! Wake up at 6:30, get ready till 7, breakfast till 7:30, class till 12, lunch, class from 1 to 5:30, dinner, class from 6:15 to 9:30, go back to our casa for personal study and to get ready for bed, lights out at 10 30. Yeah its a lot of studying which is kinda killing me but whatever. Its chill. Our district has fun! I would take this schedule over sitting at home doing nothing. So this week nothing to exciting has happened. Its just another day here like it would be at home! This week we got two new investigators: Juana and Juan. What are the odds that both of the investigators have similar names! haha we finished teaching Carol and committed her to baptism! So that was cool. Well Carol, who is really Hermana Wilson, is now our night teacher and I love her! It is slightly awkward because I have had many awkward times with teaching her as she pretends to be investigators. Anyways, the two new investigators are acted by Hermana Wilson and Hermano Gutierezz who are both my teachers. So it is weird teaching them and then turning around and having them teach me! On Monday, me and Hermana Rogers taught Juana that night...yeah it didn't go too well. We kinda had a laugh attack all day and were struggling focusing. We didn't really plan which made it impossible for the spirit to be there when we were teaching her. We asked her to be baptized and we got shut down. It was frustrating because we weren't working together as a companionship but from that experience it helped us learn what we need to do to teach Juan the next morning. The lesson with Juan went so good! It was one of our best lessons yet. Hermana Rogers and I spoke equally the same amount, we had the spirit, the conversation just flowed like how a normal person would talk, and we committed him to baptism and to coming to church this Sunday on the FIRST lesson! So that was exciting! Except we taught for 35 minutes and we got a little in trouble because we were only suppose to teach for 20...oops. But it felt nice to finally have a good lesson!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE Hermana Rogers grandpa is in our ward! What a small world. Her dad actually emailed her today too and told her! So awesome! I absolutely love my companion! Its scary how similar we are. I really was blessed with such an awesome companion. She likes vintage stuff like I do! haha. We get along great. We have had so much fun this week! I don't think I have laughed so hard over the dumbest stuff then I have this week. 
Anyways, last weekend was Mexico´s independence day and it was CRAZY! We had a cultural event on Saturday night and watched a Mexican cultural video, there were dancers and singers, and we sang the national anthem like 10 times. But the Latinos here were going crazy! I am pretty sure they were screaming the whole hour and a half we were there. I don't know why Americans aren't that excited for the fourth of July. I wanted to join them! Bombs, fireworks, and gunshots were going off all night but luckily I some how feel asleep! Haha President Pratt told us after the cultural event was over to hurry back to our casas because bullets could fall inside the huge compound wall surrounding the CCM and someone could get hit. We definitely all RAN home. My district always pulls pranks on me and my comp because we are sooo gullible so we decided to get them back. The next morning, we told the elders that Hermana Rogers got hit by a bullet and we were at the hospital all night. They didn't believe us. It was worth a try though! haha we will have to get them next time. Throughout the week, in the comedor we were given Mexican candy which is Gross. It straight up tastes like Styrofoam and chalk. And they just chili pepper powder in most of the candy too.
So Spanish is coming i guess.....I feel like I am just slaughtering the language when I try to speak to someone. Like today I was sitting next to a Latina at lunch and I am talking to her in SPANISH and she replies, Lo siento no hablo ingles. I AM FREAKING SPEAKING SPANISH!!!! ugh. It was annoying. I cant really understand what half of the investigators we teach say so I just straight up rely on the spirit to guide me what to say because i have NO idea what they are trying to say. For ejemplo, Juana says that her dad died three years ago. I reply with a smile "bien". Yeah not exactly good! haha but I am just keeping on trying. It will eventually come! I have to keep reminding myself that Spanish wont just come in three weeks!  
So, Sundays here are probably the best thing ever! I LOVE THEM! Well here at the CCM, our branch president announces after the sacrament who is going to speak in the sacrament meeting. Which is so TERRIFYING!!! Everyone prepares a talk during the week so everyone is somewhat prepared. Oh and they encourage you to give the whole talk in the lovely idioma de espanol. So I am just chilling there in sacrament when I heard Hermana Howell will be speaking. UM WHAT. hahaha surprisingly I actually kinda expected it. I guess I was being prepared by the Spirit! Anyways, it went pretty well! I wasn't nervous at all and went up there and had a good time! It was actually kinda fun! My topic was on the Holy ghost. My talk was Spanglish! ya know..Spanish and English. But everyone said I did a good job and didn't even look nervous so that was great!
AHHH YAY I AM GETTING A PACKAGE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  Seriously, packages are like christmas here! SO THANK YOU!!! So how has everyone' week been? I hope everyone is doing well!! I am going to try to write you all a personal lettter this week!! I love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support! I couldnt do it without all of you!! Have a great week!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Con much amor,
Hermana Howell
Scripture of the week: Galations 2:20. I just love this scripture!! It just makes you think. And i guess I like it because I am an englihs major haha

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