Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Call

I had looked forward to the first weekend of October since the first day of school started. Having started my freshman year at college, I missed by friends from high school and I looked forward with anticpation for October fifth; the Utah State vs. BYU football game. All of my high school friends planned on coming down to BYU for the game and then staying the night. What even brought more excitement was what would happen the next morning on October sixth; General Conference would begin and the first mission call of my friends would be opened.

The morning of October sixth eventually came and we all gathered at my friend's house. After making guesses on where he would be called to serve, the envelope was opened and the call was read; he would be serving in the Moscow Russia mission. Only minutes later, one of my friend's mom made the announcement that in the General Conference session that morning, President Monson had changed the mission age. Boys could now go on a mission at eighteen and girls would be able to go at nineteen. It was interesting to feel the atmosphere in the room change so rapidly. A still quietness settled into the room for just a moment. Soon phones were taken out, quickly dialing Bishops about starting mission papers, and not before long all of my guy friends had started their mission papers within a couple of days. In that moment the thought impacted me: I could serve a mission.
For the next six months I pondered about whether I should serve a mission or not. I felt in my heart I knew I was going to serve a mission but my mind kept on questioning the idea. I constantly prayed to know if I needed to serve a mission. Over time, the answer slowly came little by little. I would have small impressions that guided me towards deciding to serve a mission. I had many experiences where I would open the Book of Mormon and I would turn to a scripture that was about missionary work. I came to a point where I realized it was ultimately my choice; serving a mission or continuing my education would be equally good choices. One evening while I was reading my scriptures, I read a passage that impacted me; "where much is given, much is required." That passage helped me realize how blessed I am to have the Gospel in my life. I wanted to share the Gospel with others because of the happiness and peace the Gospel brings into my life. It was in that moment when I decided to serve a mission and I began the process of submitting my mission papers.
On April seventeenth, 2013,  I received the call to serve in the Nicaragua Managua North Mission. I could not be more grateful and excited for the opportunity I have to serve a mission. I am so excited to share the knowledge with the people of Nicaragua that Heavenly Father loves them and has a wonderful plan for each and every one of them. Though there are moments when I am terrified at the thought of stepping onto a plane and going to a foreign county for eighteen months, Heavenly Father strengthens me and helps remember why I decided to serve a mission. I feel so blessed to be apart of this marvelous work and look forward to the wonderful experiences Nicaragua has waiting for me.

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