Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

Buenas tardes querido familia! I hope you are all doing very well! Well as you all know I am not doing too hot. I have been sick for most of the week. I started feeling sick on Monday night and each day it got progressively worse. On Wednesday we had a multi-zone conference in Matagalpa and it was really fun! It was all day long but it was a really good meeting. The meeting ended at 6 and there weren't any buses heading back to our area so the whole zone had to squeeze into a tiny van meant to fit only like 15 people....yeah we made 26 people fit! hahaha it was so funny. We were singing hymns the whole way and there was so much missionary spirit! I loved it. Well my health got a little worse on Thursday and Friday so I went to Esteli to do some lab work. I am trying to have a positive outlook on everything that is happening so what happened in the lab at Esteli probably made my week! So I am in this lab, it was a little sketch, and this lady starts to take my blood. Well after she finished taking my blood I start feeling light headed. Then I was thinking, 'Yep I am going to pass out.' The laboratory lady starts yelling 'She is white! She is going to pass out!' Well her solution to this was start hitting my face and pinching my cheeks. OW! Then she shoves rubbing alcohol up my nose to apparently wake me up. Talk about horrible. I was like 'Please leave me be and pass out.' hahaha it was too funny. I didn't pass out though so I guess it worked! 

Saturday night I received a call from Hermana Collado. She said that when I come to Managua tomorrow, I need to bring extra clothes.  For my mission I have had a picture of Christ with the scripture Proverbs 3:5 that says 'Trust in the Lord...lean not unto thine own understanding.' I don't understand why this is happening to me but I do know that my Savior lives. He gives me trials for my own benefit and these trials strengthen my faith. I don't have control over this situation but I do have control over my attitude so I have decided to have a positive attitude. I am putting all of my faith and will in the hands of the Lord. He knows what is best for me. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and will benefit me in some way. 

Thank you for all of your prayers. I have felt the spirit, added strength and I have been able to find joy these last couple of days. So many people are taking care of me here so don't worry! I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon! 

Hermana Howell 

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