Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Best Companionship Ever!

Hello family! Hope you all had a lovely week. Sorry this email is going to be really short because nothing has happened much this week. As you know I am still sick  I have a doctors appointment this Thursday I believe. So hopefully the doctors will be able to see what is going on.  I was sad to get the emergency transfer call but I am happy to be returning to my old zone. Hermana Rogers is in the zone so I am super stoked to see her more! Also I am in a foursome! Wilysnn, Hermana Bernards, Scott and I are all comps! The 4 gringas together, too much fun! I don't think there has ever been a foursome companionship of all white chicks until now.  I have more energy now than the early week but I still have pain in my stomach from eating. 
Lovely masks for the days we don't want to wear makeup!

Today was the first day I left the house to be active and do something. We went to this really huge market today and went shopping which was really fun! Me and Hra. Wheat.  Wilsynn and I found these funky masks which I will send a pic of them later. We went to Subway for lunch and hung out for the day which was really fun. We all bought these Nica nightgowns and they are legit! I will send a pic next week. Anyways, sorry this is so short, nothing has happened. Hna Scott is taking good care of me and I am slowly getting my strength back. Pray that the doctors can find what is going on this week. Love you all and have a good week.
Me, Hra Scott, Wheat and Bernards!

Hermana Howell 

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