Monday, February 17, 2014

Sharing the Love

Hola familia! Que tal? Another week has already come and gone. I still can't believe it is already February! So crazy. And before I forget...Happy Valentines day!! I hope you all have a wonderful day full of love. Honestly it is not my favorite holiday but here in Nicaragua it is more like a day of friends and not boyfriend/girlfriend thing so I am cool with that! I am planning on putting those hearts that you sent in my Christmas package all around my room and then my comp and I are planning to go get shakes that night to celebrate! Also, I finally got some letters this week! I got a letter from Josh, the Maughans, and Grandma and Grandpa's letter! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved them all! Letters are like gold on the mission.
So today was kinda a crazy day. Honestly no p-day is ever fun or relaxing haha. We had some issues with our house we moved to a few weeks ago. Well, our prayers were answered and we found this super fachenta (rich) house! This woman that owns the church building had an extra room for rent in her house which is one of the nicest houses I have seen in Dario. So we changed houses today and are now living with her! She has three daughters so our whole house is girls, woohoo! Moving houses was kinda a pain. No one was able to help us or lend us a car so we had to move, by hand, everything from our room to this new house. Luckily the elders in my area are awesome and were willing to help us so the four of us moved all of our stuff relatively fast. My new room is awesome! By far the best place I have stayed in my mission so far. The only problem is it doesn't have a sink or mirror which is okay.
On Tuesday Hermana Ferrin came to my area and worked with me and my comp! It was so much fun! I had fun in Esteli but it was so good to return to my area. I really missed it and especially missed the members! haha. When I came back everyone told me they missed me and the members attacked me with hugs :) feeling loved! Tuesday was also the first class of seminary and it went really well! My comp loves teaching so she has taken a lot of responsibility planning lessons and stuff which has been helping her. We have four students, and three of them came which was awesome. Two young women in my Rama who always help us, are in the class which is so fun! We are all really good friends. Tuesd
ay also was Tania's 16th birthday so after seminary the members invited us missionaries over to dinner to celebrate with their family. The family was so grateful that we came because we were the only other friends who came. We ate dinner which was rice, tortillas, fried chicken, and repollo (a veggie). It was so good but it was a huge amount of food! Luckily, Elder Coffey helped me out with the rice :) Elders are the best haha. We then had cake which ended up in a cake fight! It was so much fun! Someone put frosting on someone's face and then it just erupted into a huge frosting fight with everyone playing! hahaha so fun. Then we went to go clean up and then that started a water fight. Even the 80 year old grandma of Tania was apart of it! Imagine a delicate older lady hobbling after you with frosting. TOO GOOD! I had a lot of fun being apart of the Martinez family.
It still amazes me to see the miracles that fasting brings. So we have been struggling with finding people to teach and having success in our area. On Saturday we decided to fast for help with bringing our investigators to church and boy did we see a miracle! We had four investigators come to church, one of whom is the father of a family who I think can be baptized in two weeks, Francisco, and two young women! These two youths are Missy's age and are friends. It was such a miracle because we have never had more than two investigators in the church before! All of the investigators loved the church and said they wanted to come back next week. We went from zero progressing investigators to three in one day. I know that the Lord's hand is in this work and he is helping us.
Sorry that this email is really short, not a lot happened this week.  I will be sharing the love of Christ on Valentine's day which in my opinion is the best! Well I love you all so much. Every day I thank my Father in Heaven for sending me and amazing family. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
Hermana Howell

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