Monday, February 17, 2014

Re-define "Party"

My first tortilla!
Helloooo family! How is everyone doing this week? From last week, it sounded like everyone is travelling around the world. I hope everyone had a wonderful time and were safe! This week was soooooo much better than last week. It really is truly amazing to me to see how my Father in Heaven is watching out for me and sends me help through my family. Mom, Dad and Aunt Steph, your letters were EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you for being worthy to receive revelation for me and to act on that revelation. I just have the best family ever! Today was changes and I DON'T HAVE CHANGES! Woohoo first time in my mission that I don't have to change! So I get to still be with Hermana Zepeda which I am really excited about! So this week was one of my most craziest weeks on my mission so this email I am going to try splitting it up according to days. Sorry if this email is a little jumpy! 

Tuesday was the last meeting for new missionaries and trainers and this meeting was really different than the others! Everyone went to Matagalpa! Matagalpa is absolutely gorgeous. I was so excited to go and finally see that place! Anyways, the meeting was only for 2 hours and then after for the rest of the day we split up with another sister and worked. Since my area is only 45 minutes away from Matagalpa, my comp and I returned to my area with Hermana Mendez and Hermana Virula to work! I went with Hermana Virula to work and we had a lot of success! We contacted some stellar families and taught some really good lessons. 

My Zone
Valentine's Day Party
Thursday was Valentines day!! Seriously this was probably the best Valentines day of my life. So I saved those hearts from the Michael Buble concert and spread them on my comps bed and throughout the room so that was fun! In addition, some guy at this smoothie store gave me a free smoothie so that was a bonus :) Probably though the highlight of my day was what happened at night. In Dario, there is a ton of youth and so we are teaching a lot of the youth! They are Missy's age and my age. There are two young women we are teaching. Well we told them we were going to have a lesson with them and then have food after as a little Valentine's party and they were so excited! Okay their idea of a lesson with some food (a party) was wayyy different than our idea of a party. So we went to the house, we brought some juice and they were going to bring chips and beans, and wow what she had waiting for us was definitely not what we were expecting! (Side note: the girls wanted the elders to come so we invited them because Elder Molina is Presidente De la Rama). So we walk up to the house and there are a ton of people there! Music is blasting, there is a table full of food, and it is a legit teen party. The young women had invited all of their friends! Talk about literally being separated from the world as we walk in the house with skirts and suits while everyone is in spandex shorts and tanks. hahaha I was dying! We did end up having a lesson, a very simple one about faith. I would like you all to picture this, especially you Missy. You are at a friends house on Valentine's day having a party and four missionaries walk in and have a lesson about faith with you. hahaha Awkward! After the lesson, we stayed for a little and ate some food but then left because we felt awkward; everyone was dancing and were trying to flirt with us. hahaha it was a pretty funny situation! After our "lesson", me and my comp went and got chocolate shakes to celebrate Valentine's day together! Well, you would think after this crazy day that it would go back to being a normal night. But no, I am living in Nicaragua so life isn't normal. So ya know how we changed houses last Monday? Well, we are still waiting to get the key to the house. We came home Thursday night and the lady of the house is not home. So we are locked out of the house. In Nicaragua. At night. We called her like 30 times and she didn't answer. Well, I ended up calling my leaders to ask them what to do and everyone was freaking out. We were about to have to sleep in a Ferreteria of a member, which is a place that sells mattresses, but at 10:15 the lady of the house came home! So everything turned out okay!
My view from our window

I saw two miracles this week. The first was we had 46 people in church today! It was absolutely amazing! It is extremely difficult to find menos activos here and this Sunday we found four inactives and brought them all to church with us. The second miracle was finding this wonderful family. So my comp and I were walking in the street and my comp was thirsty so we stopped at a pulperia to buy something for her to drink. Well, the man of the store was joking around with us and asked "What have you brought me?" I answered saying we brought him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, he ended up letting us in and we had a lesson with him and his family. This family is literally golden. So the dad, was studying to be a pastor or something for the Catholic church but didn't feel like it was right. He said he has been searching for the truth and feels like this is his second chance. The family is so receptive and he is reading the book of Mormon! AHHH I just wanted to cry for joy. He has so many questions which is always good. They don't want to go to church yet but we will get them there this Sunday :) Literally it was such a miracle to see the Lord's hand in this work, guiding us to this family! 

Well those are some of the highlights of my crazy week! I love being a missionary. I love the joy and happiness I feel as I tell people of the plan of God and seeing a change in their lives. There truly is no other joy in this world than to bring others to the gospel. It is coming real to me that a mission has a due-date and in two weeks I will only have a year left in the mission. Everything in my mission I am cherishing because I know I won't be able to have it again. Even those tough days are days that are priceless. I hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful week! I love you all so much and am continually amazed at all the blessings and such a wonderful life my Father in Heaven has given me. Have a lovely week!! LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!!

Con muchicismo amor,

Hermana Howell 

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