Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jarron Azul

Hola famila! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I loved all of the pictures you sent me! Today makes my day! Looks like you had a lot of fun with the Elders at dinner. Any missionary in the States has it easy haha. Looks like dinner was good! 

So today I am in Managua! WOOHOo. I finally got my cedula, like a drivers license, so technically I am a citizen of Nicaragua. Tomorrow I have a meeting so we are just sleeping here in Managua and I got to spend the day in my old area with Mendez and her new comp. We visited some members and it was so much fun! I truly love these people so much. I really miss it here. I felt so happy and excited today and I hope I will become to feel this way about my new area in Esteli. My comp has two-day changes with some other hermana here in Managua so another hermana is going to Dario with me tomorrow until Friday. Friday two members of the Seventy are coming to Nicaragua to talk to both missions! SO i get to see my whole mission again and hear from two members of the Seventy so I am excited for that! 

This past week I had intercambios with the TL hermana in Esteli so I went with Hermana Ayala for 24 hours and another sister went with my comp. It was pretty fun to go to a different area and work with another sister! Esteli is really pretty but it is so cold (70 degrees in the day, 60 degrees at night). I was dying in the night. But don't worry, all of the weight I have gained is keeping me warm. Just fyi, no swimsuit vacation when I get home. Wait a month for me to get back in shape. Anyways, our zone had interviews with President this week and it went well. He is such a nice man and truly wants to help us. The interview went well with him. It is cool to see the progress I am making in kinda every aspect of my life. The first interview with him I had no idea what he was saying. Now I understand almost everything he says!

So a problem in Ciudad Dario is that nobody knows how to read so nobody reads the pamphlets we give or the Book of Mormon. We decided to start teaching a class about how to read and write. So Saturday we had the first class. Yeah nobody came...BUT we had the biggest Jarron Azul moment. Oh and jarron azul is basically like yolo or in the moment kind of a thing. Well we were about to leave the church when a recent convert walks in the church and says she wants her two sons to be baptized. Now. So we were like OKAY! So we went to buy cookies to celebrate while the elders called our DL for interviews. We got everything ready and then we realized, the water in the church doesn't work. Shoot. Well Jarron azul. WE went to the crocodile infested, brown, smelly river and baptized. Oh and it was at night so we couldn't see a thing! It was so awesome! and we were all fasting that nobody would get eaten by a crocodile. Don't worry everyone was fine! It was so awesome. 

As of this moment, I have two baptisms this Saturday! It is a family. So here is the story of them. So my first Sunday here I was teaching Sunday school and after Elder Molina came up to me and said that the guy I had called on to say the closing prayer isn't a member. Say what?! I totally thought he was a member. He acted like one: he participated in class, read scriptures and said the prayer. And in addition to that, he has come to church for the past month without anyone inviting him or missionaries teaching him. Golden! So we started teaching him and his wife and this Saturday we are planning on them getting married and after getting baptized! Seriously they are golden investigators. We didn't even do anything, the Lord had already prepared them to become members. So I am excited for that! I hope everything goes well and they get baptized this Saturday.

Well I hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful week! Sorry this week was kinda boring. Hopefully something crazy will happen in the next week haha. I love you all so much! 


Hermana Howell 

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