Sunday, October 13, 2013



I am going to be in Nicaragua in 24 hours!! AHHHHH!!! I leave the Mexico CCM at 5:30 am Monday morning to get my flight on COPA Airlines #137 departing for Panama City, Panama at 10:15am. We will have a five hour layover there. Our next flight will be on COPA Airlines #711 departing for Managua, Nicaragua at 7:06 pm arriving in Managua at 7:46pm (one hour time zone change)  It is going to be a long day! A little worried about packing so wish me lucky. Missy you looked gorgeous for homecoming!!!!  Dad, ahhhhh I have no idea how you packed my stuff. All of my luggage is overweight. especially my carry on. It is 40 pounds when it is suppose to be 22. The books they gave us weigh an extra 15 pounds or more! Could i get away with 40 pound carry on? I love you soo much!!
MOMMMMM please don't hate me. I am ruining all of my clothes. I went to go iron that one skirt that is blue and has the white stripes from Coo De Ker. When I put the iron on the skirt, and pulled the iron up, there was a HOLE in my skirt. THE FREAKING IRON MELTED MY SKIRT!! So now there is a hole. What do I do? Try to sew it back together? I wear that skirt all the time so I am kinda freaking out. Suggestions would be lovely.
 I have the best family in the world! Stay strong and keep smiling! Thanks for all the love and support. I will talk to you in Nicaragua! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I love this work! Te amo mucho! Padre te amo much! Es un buen ejemplo por mi. I miss usted mucho pero yo se que este es que i am suppose hacer. Te amo much! Hable a usted en Nicaragua! xoxoxoxo te amooo!!!! pray for my espanol porque es no bueno. are some photos from my time at the Mexico CCM-

Me, my companion and instructors

Hermano Gutierrez  (instructor)
Dancing in the rain

Hermana Dewey (instructor)

Scripture Power-Sister Style!

It's what we do!

New scripture covers

Yeah it is going to be a long day! Nat that is so awesome!! good job!! you are the best runner in utah! If only I was that good. You will have to hurry and get me in shape when I get home because I haven't exercised hard since I left home and I eat so much here haha. But that is so awesome! I am so proud of you! I am going to need some clothes later in my mission that is for sure! Ah I miss your cooking so bad. That sounds SOOO good right now. Mom your cooking has always been good! I miss it so much! Even the shepherds pie is heaven to stuff here. Ah grandma's bread also sounds lovely! I love how everyone is wearing the braclets. makes me feel loved! Love you all!! you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!

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